The website was created to provide a comprehensive specialist service across multiple industries. We help people and companies who want to establish themselves in Europe and need a package of services tailored to their specific needs. We are able to provide a full range of services thanks to our partners, including company formation, bank account assistance, offices and accounting, as well as post-incorporation consultancy services.





Its partners have extensive experience in setting up companies across Europe and ensure that training is undertaken smoothly. Most of the appointments are organized in a day also by phone or skype, in order to save time and money by spending less time outside the office.





The notaries and accountants we use throughout Europe also speak English, which is a plus point when dealing with setting up a company in a European country. Other nationalities are catered for by using an official interpreter/translator, which we can organise for you regardless of which language you speak.




lawyers and notaries


Banking relationships in Europe are extremely important, very often we are the first person to test the real value of the banks before offering you a solution to your client, today we can offer you a choice of banks to be used based on the nationality and activity proposed of your company. We will put together the right package of training services specifically for your individual needs. Please fill in the request form below if you require further information in this regard.


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